Here’s An Early Look at the PinePhone Developer Edition (Video)

    If you have pre-ordered the PinePhone Brave Heart edition or are waiting for it to go on general sale early next year then the following video is a must watch.

    In it, Pine64’s Lukasz Erecinski shows off his PinePhone developer edition, showing us the fit, form and build quality, and giving us a glimpse at what lays behind the back case, including some very tantalising pogo pins…

    Do keep in mind that Lukasz’s handset has a few minor differences to the “Brave Heart” model currently on sale (which itself will have a few minor differences to the mass market model sold next year).

    But in just under 10 minutes we get get a VERY good look at how the handset looks (it’s size, thickness, camera placement, etc) and a much better feel for how it might, well, feel, in our own hands!

    Lukasz does (quite rightly) shy away from demoing the software side of things. A number of mobile operating systems plan to support the PinePhone when launched but their relative software efforts remain ‘in development’.

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