Here's how Apple's upcoming M3 Pro could compare to its M2 counterpart

Developer logs may have revealed the specs of Apple's upcoming M3 Pro chip.


Ever since its switch to silicon, Apple's latest Macs have become mightier and more energy-efficient. The MacBook Pro (2023) acts as a solid example of the company's progress in the chipset department, offering the longest battery life on a Mac to date and an unrivaled performance. So thanks to the M2 Pro/Max chips and macOS Ventura, users get both longevity and power. Apple expectedly won't stop there, though, and it's already working on its upcoming line of M3 chips.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is already trialing what could be the M3 Pro chip on an unreleased MacBook Pro running macOS 14. These details have surfaced through developer logs, indicating that the Cupertino firm is internally testing this processor. If this chip comes to fruition in its current form, then it could pack 12 CPU cores, 18 GPU cores, and up to 36GB of RAM.

For reference, Apple's base M2 Pro chip packs 10 CPU cores, 16 GPU cores, and up to 32GB of RAM. Users, however, can opt for an upgraded version of it, including two more CPU cores and three GPU ones. This means that the base M3 Pro chip could feature specifications similar to those of the maxed-out M2 Pro. Consequently, customers may also get the option to pick a higher-end M3 Pro chip with more cores.

Apple is expected to rely on the denser 3nm manufacturing process for its M3 chip line, as it allows the company to fit even more cores in its compact chips. Though, we don't expect these chipsets to make an official appearance anytime soon. Rumors indicate that the company could release a 15-inch MacBook Air M2 during WWDC23, while M3 Macs could debut towards the end of this year.