Here’s what Android 13’s hidden screen saver complications look like in action

Android 13 Developer Preview 2 was released two weeks ago. While we have already gone over major changes and features introduced in the second developer preview release, the new software contains references for several in-development features that will likely arrive in future beta releases. Last week, we learned about Google working on revamped screen savers that could display additional information overlays. Now we are getting our first look at the feature.

Esper‘s Mishaal Rahman managed to activate the hidden complications for the “Colors” screen saver. “Colors” is a screensaver that exists alongside the Clock and Photos screen savers. Meanwhile, “complications” refer to pieces of data that are displayed over the screen saver. They can be activated by enabling the “Show additional information” toggle within the screen saver settings. When activated, users will see At A Glance widget, date and time, weather, and battery info overlayed on top of the screen saver, as seen in the video below.

Have a great weekend everyone! Before I sign off, here’s your first look at Android 13’s hidden screen saver complications! It’s quite buggy, but you can see the At a Glance widget (smartspace), time, date, weather, and battery overlaid on the “Colors” screen saver!

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 25, 2022

While Android has supported screen savers since the days of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, they have hardly seen any major revamps. But it looks like Google is ready to give the feature a big and much-needed facelift in Android 13.

Note that the new complications aren’t live in Android 13 Developer Preview 2. The feature will likely go live in future beta releases. However, it’s not uncommon for Google to scrap in-development features, so we’ll have to wait and see if the feature makes it to the final Android 13 release.

Android 13 DP2 also includes code for a new wallpaper effects generation API that will allow users to apply various cool effects to their wallpapers.

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