Here’s where to get Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring

Collect these special keys and unlock secret passages, optional boss fights, and more.

Elden Ring, being a game developed by FromSoftware, is quite literally filled to the brim with secrets. One of the many recurring secrets strewn across the Lands Between is the mystery of statues locked by Stonesword Keys. What are they and how do you get them? Should you be saving them up? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Elden Ring: What are Stonesword Keys?

Stonesword Keys are a rare resource used in Elden Ring to open up secrets locked by Imp Statues. There’s a wide range of things these statues can lock. Some bar off optional bosses or entire new side areas on the map. Others simply provide access to a new item or piece of equipment. There’s a risk-reward element to opening up any statues with Stonesword Keys because beyond just a few exceptions, you generally can’t tell what you’re going to get by using them.

As an example, there are some doors locked behind Imp Statues at the Roundtable that’ll simply grant you a new piece of gear. By contrast, the Imp Statue near the starting point of the game, before you’ve even gone into the open world, bars off a whole side area, complete with a boss.

Imp Statue locks come in a couple of varieties. If you see only one of the two Imps on the statue lit, it only requires one key. If both Imps are lit up, then it’ll require two keys. However, you can’t use one key on a statue requiring two to partially remove the lock. If you want to remove a lock on a statue with two Imps lit, you’ll need to have two Stonesword keys on you at a particular time.

Please keep in mind that once you use a Stonesword Key, that’s it. The keys can only be used once each. As such, we don’t recommend just opening things up with reckless abandon the moment you get a key. Take your time and think on it.

Elden Ring: Where to get Stonesword Keys

There’s a few different ways to get Stonesword Keys.

Character Creation

Every time you create a character in Elden Ring, you get the option to choose a special gift. There’s a range of items, most of which grant a small boon for the start of the game, making your life ever-so-slightly easier. One of the items you can choose as a starting gift is an extra Stonesword key. As it’s only one extra key, this may not be the best starting gift, but it’s not a bad option either.

Bridge of Sacrifice

Southeast of where you start the game, you’ll find a group of soldiers manning a ballista at the Bridge of Sacrifice. One Stonesword Key can be picked up here.

Merchant north of Castle Morne

A short travel below the Bridge of Sacrifice, and just north of Castle Morne, you’ll find a merchant, which is marked with the green icon on the map above. This merchant sells a lone Stonesword Key for 2,000 Runes. While you can only grab one, this is a decent price, so it’s worth picking up.

Merchant at Raya Lucaria Academy

At Raya Lucaria Academy, there’s a merchant, which we’ve noted on the map above with a green icon. This merchant sells four Stonesword Keys for 3,000 Runes each. This is a more expensive price than the prior merchant, but it’s also one of the earliest ways possible to buy multiple Stonesword Keys. As a result, if you can save up Runes for a bit, it’s worth clearing out this merchant’s stock.

Bear in mind that in order to get into Raya Lucaria Academy, you’ll need to have a special key, so this might be difficult to do early on. In order to acquire that key, you’ll have to either run past or fight a dragon to get it.

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Elden Ring has received universal critical acclaim and could end up being one of the best Xbox games of all time. It’s the kind of game where you are encouraged to explore, so travel, wander, and have fun. There are secrets around every corner, and since it’s an open-world experience, you don’t need to worry about getting stuck at a particular part. Go where the wind takes you and you’ll have enough Stonesword Keys in no time!

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Elden Ring is a magnificent action RPG, so don’t stress too hard. Stonesword Keys are rare but you can find enough to unlock this game’s mysteries.

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