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12 Steps To Building Your Own Gaming PC

Gaming first went mainstream with the rising popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Then it was the Sega Mega Drive, later PC, PS2, Xbox 360, and back to PC. Circling back to a PC is inevitable because consoles have always had a shelf life. Graphics, however,

AMD Ryzen Processors Will Support Windows 7

AMD clearly still thinks there's a market for running a 2009 operating system on 2017 hardware. Microsoft wants all computer users to upgrade to Windows 10. Even so, विंडोज 7 still accounts for 40 percent of the desktop operating system market share. Neither Intel or Microsoft

Nintendo Classic Mini NES review

Nintendo's Classic Mini NES is a sleek, miniaturised version of the classic console that mimics the look and feel of the original hardware to great effect. Costing £50/$60 (with prices currently inflated to over double that owing to stock shortages) it comes complete with a single

Review: Corsair Harpoon RGB

The great thing about PC gaming hardware is that there's so much choice. You aren't restricted to certain peripherals, and there literally is a keyboard or mouse to suit every individual. The only thing you need to be wary of is cost, as while the entry

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