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Today I am going to share list of High PR Dofollow Blogs which will bring more juice and traffic towards your blog.

high pr dofollow blogs 300x228When it comes to link building; blog commenting holds a higher weight in SEO. So if your website has more links from high PR blogs then the chance of your site ranking higher will be very high. Too much of dofollow link or nofollow link can hurt your site so a combination of both dofollow and nofollow link is must.

Most of the high PR blogs you find online will have nofollow comment links. So it is very difficult to find a high PR blog with dofollow comment links. Also it is more advisable to comment on blogs which is relevant to your niche thus making link building even more difficult. In this article you will find List of High PR Dofollow Blog commenting sites which can come in handy when it comes to building high quality links. The best thing about these sites is; your comments will be approved instantly.

High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List


PR: 7

Alexa: 323


PR: 6

Alexa: 63,353


PR: 6

Alexa: 32,614


PR: 6

Alexa: 113,115


PR: 6

Alexa: 76,996


PR: 6

Alexa: 94,700


PR: 6

Alexa: 12,323


PR: 6

Alexa: 634,350


PR: 6

Alexa: 48,063


PR: 5

Alexa: 132,282


PR: 5

Alexa: 57,279


PR: 5

Alexa: 106,458


PR: 5

Alexa: 70,664


PR: 5

Alexa: 157,871


PR: 5

Alexa: 195,750

These are some of the dofollow blog commenting sites which will help you get high link juice towards your website.

Rules for commenting in such dofollow blogs are simple and almost the same. You can use anchor text as a link which will point towards your website. So to help you out here is the detailed guide to get a back link from one of these blogs.

Just open any of these sites for example I am on Journalstar.com. In search box type the keyword of yours. You will find list of articles which is relevant to your keyword. Open any of these articles and scroll down to the comment section.

article commenting 300x80

Click on Comment and you will find the option to login or register.

add a link 300x82

Register an account which will be a two minutes process; you can even login using your FB account. Once you are done with registration the comment box will get active.

add link to article 300x246

Now put in the comment with a keyword as shown above. Always ensure that the keywords are used in a natural way. Never try to spam as it won’t benefit you in anyway. So as you can see commenting and getting a juicy link from these high PR blogs are very easy. These comments will be approved instantly within 5 minutes.

This list will be updated regularly with more such high PR blogs. Do go through each of these blogs and get in your links. If you face any problem with any of the blogs you can always let me know by commenting.

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