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Holding Space in Chrome OS gives quick access to screenshots and downloads from the Shelf

Google is working on a new feature for Chrome OS that’s internally called Holding Space. It’s designed to give Chromebook users quick access to recently downloaded files and screenshots.

According to Chrome Story, the new feature is made available behind a flag in the most recent versions of the Chrome OS Canary branch. The purpose of the Holding Shelf feature is purely for convenience, as Google’s description of the feature reads:

Quick Access to screenshots, downloads, and files test

Enables quick access to screenshots, downloads, and important files which aims to increase productivity by saving time. When enabled, access recent screenshots and downloads from the shelf. Pin important files with the Files App context menu to keep them one click away.


When the feature flag is enabled, a new button will appear in the system tray beside the clock and notifications. When you click the button, you’ll see your most recent screenshots and downloaded files. There’s also an area for pinned content, although the feature apparently isn’t working at the moment. When it does work, though, you’ll be able to pin content from the Files app to make them show up in Holding Space.

Holding Space seems like a great way to quickly access and then share screenshots and files. I know when I take a screenshot I often want to share it immediately, so having quick access to these files, rather than having to look for where I saved them, is very convenient. Because Holding Space is in the system tray, you can bring up these files while you’re in any other app, making it easy to drag and drop files into, say, a photo editing or messaging app.

The new Chrome OS feature has apparently been in the works since July, and based on the screen recording embedded above, it appears it’s almost in a state where it’ll be ready to trickle down to the stable release. When exactly that will happen isn’t clear, but when it does go live, it’ll make a nice addition to the many other new productivity features that Chrome OS has introduced recently.

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