Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Has a Hidden Last of Us 2 Weapon

If you are a fan of both the Horizon and Last of Us series, you’ll be able to combine these two beloved franchises with Aloy’s newest toy weapon of Burning Shores. Those who played Last of Us Part 2 will instantly recognize this bow from Abby’s winter storyline, featuring an archery minigame with the Put My Name Up PlayStation trophy.

Reddit user AlbusDumbldor was one of the first players to locate this Toy Bow, hidden inside a building to the right of Fleet’s End. Once you climb up the structure, you’ll find a Datapoint from a mysterious character named “Leyla,” who has left a message for passersby. In this note, she mentions that there are supplies left for anyone in need, including an Ancient Trunk filled with valuable resources.

One of these items is an adorable Toy Bow, showcasing a similar design to Abby’s, along with a pack of Toy Arrows. You can equip it just like any other weapon, but of course, it isn’t the strongest of tools, as it is made entirely out of plastic. Nevertheless, players can still have fun with the bow and attack anyone who stands in their way, including Devotees, animals, and even machines.

Image Source: Guerrilla Games via Twinfinite

Although it only takes off one point of an enemy’s health bar, you can utilize the rest of your weapons with the bow to take them down. Wouldn’t it be a great story if you eliminated a Thunderjaw with a cute Toy Bow?

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores may have other fun Easter Eggs to discover, but for now, you can at least start practicing your archery skills with this weapon.

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