How To Access Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer’s Desktop

We’ve covered many clever ways to access Recycle Bin in the past. You can quickly pin it to your start menu, and many other automated tasks you can do with Recycle Bin. One thing I always want is to actually use Windows Explorer and go to Desktop folder, the same desktop on your Windows but with slight experience, and clean up all the garbage from there.

Unfortunately, by default, Windows Explorer’s Desktop directory does not show any of the icons you have pinned on the desktop nor does it show the Recycle Bin. Although it contains the same sub folders and documents, it is missing the Recycle Bin when access via “This PC > Desktop” in side Windows File Explorer.

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unnamed file 592

This is the trick to show Recycle Bin in the File Explorer.

unnamed file 593

Go launch the Explorer, find any empty space on the left side panel and choose “Show all folders

unnamed file 594

This effectively turns on all the icons you have on your desktop including Recycle Bin! Notice there are two places now you can access the Recycle Bin. One place is on the bottom of the left side panel, you will find the Recycle Bin permanently shown right after Network and Control Panel section. The other place is the desktop folder inside Windows Explorer, as what you’d be expected on where the Recycle Bin lives.