How to add extra storage to the OnePlus 5

    Here's how to get more storage in the OnePlus 5 smartphone, if you're running out of space for apps, photos and other bits. From memory card adapters to cloud storage, these are the best solutions for quickly expanding the OnePlus 5's memory.

    How to get more storage on your OnePlus 5, without a microSD slot, might seem tough - but you’ve come to the right place if you want to consider all of your options.

    You can expand your OnePlus storage without spending a small fortune and you don’t even need to be that tech savvy. There are plenty of options, so whether you went for the 64GB model or the 128GB Midnight Black version, you’ll never have to worry about filling up your phone. That not only means more space, but in turn can mean a faster phone too.

    Here’s everything you need to know about expanding the available storage on your OnePlus 5.

    OnePlus 5 storage expansion: MicroSD card adapter

    While OnePlus hasn’t opted to add a microSD reader in the OnePlus 5, like many other Android handsets offer, you can still use microSD memory cards. This is ideal if you’re upgrading from another Android phone that did have microSD support, which means you now have a memory card loaded with photos, music and other media.

    That’s why a USB-C microSD adapter is pretty much perfect. This device plugs into your OnePlus 5’s USB Type-C port and allows you to slip in your microSD and access it at high speed. Even better, this means you can use more than one memory card at once and swap them easily, without having to dig around for a tray pin to remove the card from the phone.

    OnePlus 5 storage expansion: Flash Drive

    If you’re not already committed to microSD then a hardy flash drive could be ideal. As USB Type-C becomes more prevalent, these are dropping in price fast. That means you can get the speed, toughness and affordability of a flash drive without even searching far.

    Some flash drives offer dual access with USB 3 also. That means you plug one end into your OnepLus 5 to take off a movie, say. Then use the other end to plug the drive into your TV or laptop to play it on a larger screen, or share with a mate. These dual access drives are also quite affordable in 2017, so why not?

    OnePlus 5 storage expansion: Wi-Fi drive

    Another drive option that’s even easier is a Wi-Fi flash drive. These are still robust but don’t even require you to plug them into your phone. They simply connect to your OnePlus 5 over Wi-Fi (usually broadcasting their own private network) for high-speed wireless file transfers.

    Many Wi-Fi flash drives offer built-in USB, for charging and physical file transfers. They can also connect to multiple devices at once over Wi-Fi, usually with the ability to stream movies and music to several smartphones or tablets at the same time.

    While flash drives offer a good 32GB for a decent price, if you go for a full-on Wi-Fi hard drive you can get even more storage for your buck. Be warned, though: the hard drive option might still cost you in space and weight when lugging around these larger drives.

    OnePlus 5 storage expansion: Cloud storage

    If you’re going wire-free, another easy way to store files off-phone is using cloud storage space. This can often mean auto uploading of content, to keep it safe in the cloud - ideal if you happen to lose your phone.

    Cloud storage options are plentiful righ now, with Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud all compatible to name but a few. In the case of Google, you can auto save photos to the cloud, with unlimited storage space, for free - a great way to hang onto those pics without them filling and slowing down your OnePlus 5.

    OnePlus 5 storage expansion: USB adapter

    Another option is to get a USB Type-C to USB 3 adapter. This will then allow you to plug in any storage device you might already have lying around. These adapters are super cheap, so if you already have something available for storage this could be the cheapest way to allow it to work with the more modern port of the OnePlus 5.