How To Add ‘Search Google For’ In Microsoft Edge Context Menu

Microsoft Edge is the browser Microsoft is pushing to get back in the browser race. It’s getting there and taking its time. Modern web browsers all have a neat ‘Search for’ option in their context menu. When you select text, and right-click it, this option lets you search the selected text in your browser. The search opens a new tab, adds the term to the search bar, and looks it up in your default browser. Edge doesn’t have this option. It’s been two years since Windows 10 came out and the browser is still missing the basics. The good news is you can add ‘Search Google for’ in Microsoft Edge with an extension.

The add-on you need to add ‘Search Google for’ in Microsoft Edge is called Context search extension for Microsoft Edge. This add-on isn’t available in the Windows Store, yet. Installing it is going to be more than a one-click process but it isn’t too difficult.

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To summarize the process; you need to install a certificate, enable developer mode in Windows 10, and then install the extension. If you have security concerns about installing the certificate, the extension is open source. You can check everything out yourself before you go ahead and install it.

Enable Developer Mode

You will need administrative rights to enable developer mode. Open the Settings app. Go to the Update & Security group of settings. Select the For Developers tab, and enable Developer Mode.

win 10 dev mode 2

Install Certificate

Visit the Github page for Context search extension for Microsoft Edge. The Release section has two files that you will download. One is called Certificate.cer, and the other is called Right-Click-Search.appx. Download both these files. The Certificate file is the one you need for this section.


How To Add ‘Search Google’ To The Right-Click Context Menu In Microsoft Edge How To Install Extensions From Outside The Windows Store In Microsoft Edge

Double-click the file to start installing it. Click the ‘Install Certificate’ button.

install certificate

Select ‘Local Machine’ under store location. Click Next.

certificate location

Select ‘Place all certificates in the following store’, and click Browse.

certificate store

In the window of store locations, look for and select ‘Trusted People’. Click Next, and then Click Finish.

select certificate store

Install Context Search Extension For Microsoft Edge

You’re ready to install the add-on. Double-click the Right-Click-Search.appx file you downloaded. Windows Smart Screen might block the app. Click ‘More info’ on the Smart Screen prompt, and install the add-on. It installs in a few seconds.

Right Click Search

‘Search Google For’ In Microsoft Edge

Open Edge and select text. Right-click it. There will be a new option in the context menu called ‘Search for’ followed by the selected text. By default, there will be a sub-menu that lists the four search engines you can search the term on.

search for context menu

Four search engines is a bit too much and it adds an extra click. The extension lets you set just one search engine to search from the context menu. Click the overflow button at the top right in Edge. Select Extensions from the panel that opens. Click the gear icon next on the Right click search extension.

On the settings page for the extension, select the ‘Use the specified provider’ option, and then select a search engine from the dropdown. Click ‘Update Settings’, and restart Edge.

right click search options

If you selected Google in the extension’s settings, it will add ‘Search Google For’ in Microsoft Edge.

seach google for edge

Download Context search extension for Microsoft Edge


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