How to Backup/Restore Internet Information Services utilizing GUI or Command line for IIS S and IIS S

Here is a step-by-step technique to take IIS again, keep in mind taking IIS backup is essential earlier than modifying or doing any modifications on the IIS based mostly web site and digital listing


The First technique is through the use of GUI Mode
B) Open Internet Information providers (IIS) Manager
IIS Console
P) Right Click the server identify and click on on All Tasks and choose Backup/Restore Configuration
IIS Backup All Task
A) Click on Create Backup choice to take backup
Create IIS Backup

A) Type the backup identify within the Configuration Backup Name

Create IIS Backup using GUI

H) If you need to Encrypt/ Password Protect the backup file, Select the choice: Encrypt backup utilizing Password and supply password of your selection

Note: Remember the password for use throughout restore.
Protect IIS backup File

S) Click on OK and you’re achieved

S) While restoring the backup simply choose the Backup Name you need to restore and click on on Restore choice
H) The similar means if you wish to delete any present backup, use Delete choice
Add Backup Name

The second technique to take IIS S backup is through the use of the command Line
M) Open a command immediate
P) Run the command as you see within the under instance
Example command : Cscript.exe iisback.vbs /s <YourServerName> /u Administrator /p  <YourAdminPassword> /backup /b NewBackupName

IIS6 backup command
Refer Microsoft official Document:


First Method Using GUI

Unfortunately, by default GUI mode isn’t allow, to allow it comply with the directions within the under article
Second Method Using command
To backup IIS configuration:
%windirpercentsystem32inetsrvappcmd.exe add backup “Backup-Name”
To restore that backup:
%windirpercentsystem32inetsrvappcmd.exe restore backup “Backup-Name”
To delete a backup:
%windirpercentsystem32inetsrvappcmd.exe delete backup “Backup-Name”

IIS 7  Backup command
IIS 7 Restore

Once the backup command is profitable, the information might be verified within the default location M:windowssystem32intersrvbackupBackup-Name

IIS 7 backup/restore


Refer Microsoft official Document :


How to Backup/Restore Internet Information Services using GUI or Command line for IIS 6 and IIS 7

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