How to buy the 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the U.S.


So you’ve decided you’re definitely getting a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but what’s the best way to get one ASAP?

Apple’s newest update to the 12.9-inch and now 10.5 inch iPad Pro is going to be available in the U.S. very soon. Based on shipping dates from Apple Online, it looks like Tuesday is the day for in-store availability.

It will join the entry-level 9.7-inch iPad and the smaller 7.9-inch iPad mini. If you’re ready to buy the newest model, here’s the best way to get one.

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Should I go with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular?

Everything depends on what you will need your iPad Pro for. Some people will rarely bring their tablet outside of a Wi-Fi network and won’t need the additional coverage. Others will use their iPad Pro as a laptop and will want to be able to connect to the internet whenever, wherever. Before you consider getting one or the other, we’ve got some advice for you.

Should you get the Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad?

Should I preorder now and have it shipped to me or wait and pick it up in-store?

Some of it depends on availability at your local Apple Store and how local the nearest Apple Store is to you, and of course, how long you can wait for it.

You can preorder the 10.5-inch iPad Pro online right now, and it should be shipping to you by Tuesday, June 13 (shipping estimates may vary, depending on your location), which is the same day it should be available in brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. So, if you’re willing to wait until later in the day (and possibly risk a shipping mishap), then preordering right now might be the easiest way to get one. You don’t even have to get off the couch except to accept the package when it arrives.

That being said, if you’ve got a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), you’re not going to be happy waiting around until maybe 7:00 pm for your iPad Pro to arrive. You want it now and you’ll do what you have to in order to get it fast. In that case, you should head to your local Apple Store to get one right away.

I’ve had experience with waiting in line to get an iPad on launch day, and have a couple of suggestions for you.

  • Call your local Apple Store first to see if it will have special hours due to the launch.
  • Get there early. It wouldn’t be unheard of to show up an hour before the Apple Store opens. Even if you’re the only one there, you’ll definitely have your pick of colors and storage options. In some cities, there will already be a line an hour beforehand, so keep your ear to the ground to see if you’ll need to show up even earlier.
  • Bring your old iPad if you plan on trading it in for credit toward your new one.

How should I order online?

Whether you’re preordering or just getting one online after it officially launches, you can get the new iPad Pro directly from Apple’s online store at, or you can make your purchase from the Apple Store app, which can sometimes work better, especially when you’re paying with Apple Pay.

What other accessories should I get with my new iPad Pro?

If you’ve already decided to get the newest model iPad, you are probably already thinking about the best case, the best travel bag, and whether or not you should get the Apple Pencil (you should). We’ve had a couple of years experience working with the previous model iPad Pro and can tell you what the best bang for your buck is.

Do I have to get it from Apple?

You don’t! In fact, many official Apple resellers will also have limited iPad Pro devices in stock on launch day. Some will probably offer slight discounts or rebates, depending on where you decided to get one. If you’re looking for a deal, or have a gift card for one of these retail stores, you can preorder right now with expected shipping for June 13.