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How To Create FB Account Without Phone Number And Email


As we know that facebook is the most popular social networking sites where you can connect with your friends and family. If you want to create an account on facebook then you need to provide your real phone number and email id beacuse facebook is a very secured php based web appllication. But to overcome this security, I have an awesome trick by which you can easily create a new account on facebook without your email and phone number.

How to create a facebook account without phone number and email 2017

Step 1: Create a temporary email address

The very first thing you need to do is that create a temporary email address. There are thousands of site across the web which provides temporary email address which remains valid only for 10 minutes.

Best site which provide free temporary disposal email address is guerrilla email, 10minutemail, tempmail. Just navigate to guerrilla email and create a free email. You find the below like dashboard, (highlighted mail address is your disposal mail address, just copy it. Don’t close the window because facebook will send you a verification email to verify your identity to this disposal mail address.).

guerrilla email to create facebook account

Step 2: Create an account on facebook

Now navigate to facebook.com and then simply create an account there by providing your guerrilla email address as shown in the below image.

free facebook account without phone number and emial id

Step 3: Verify your real identity

Now it’s time to verify your identity. Just open the guerrilla mail address window and there you will see a mail received from facebook just open the email and click on the link given by the facebook. That’s it.

Thanks, I hope the above step by step tutorial helped you to create an account on facebook without phone number and email.