How to delete apps usage history in Windows 8

If you are working with a computer on which a large number of Windows 8 apps have been installed, and something is malfunctioning and you don’t know what to do. Windows 8 Task Manager includes the App History tab. This tab lists all the apps that you’ve used on this computer since a given time. By default, you can see history since the time you installed Windows 8.

In Windows 8 You may want to Delete Usage History link periodically to remove all old app browsing history. This will limit the amount of data Windows keeps stored in a log file somewhere on your hard drive

1. Press the Windows + I key and click on Change PC settings.


2. Select the General tab.


3. Go to App Switching and then click the Delete history button.


You can also delete Apps History through Task Manager.

4. Click on Task Manager.


5. In Task Manager, App history option and then Delete usage history.


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