How To Disable Face ID From The Lock Screen In iOS 11

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Face ID is Apple’s newest identification feature for unlocking your phone and using Apple Pay. If you think back to when Touch ID was first introduced, you might remember that it was easy to hack at the time. Apple has since made improvement to it and made it more secure. Something similar holds for Face ID. It’s not that it’s easy to hack. It’s just really easy to use. If someone has your phone, they can point it at your face and unlock it. You might never know it happened. That’s why there’s an easy way to disable Face ID from the lock screen in iOS 11.

We’ve touched on something similar in the past for disabling Touch ID from the lock screen. You can do the same with Face ID. There are two methods that you can use to quickly disable it from the lock screen.

Power Button

If you press the power button five times in quick succession, it will disable both Face ID and Touch ID. To enable it again, you need to enter your passcode. Face ID only works on the iPhone X and thankfully, the iPhone X still has a power button. It’s a bit longer than it is on other iPhone models but the position is the same.

Press Volume Down And Power Button

There’s a quicker way to disable Face ID from the lock screen in iOS 11. If you press the volume down and the power button at the same time, it will disable Face ID. Be careful not to press the Volume Up and Power button; that’s how you take a screenshot on the iPhone X.

This is useful in the worst of scenarios; when you’re being mugged. If your phone is taken from you, you are giving access to a lot of personal information. This quick method allows you to stop anyone from using either one of the two methods to unlock your phone.

Apple is of the opinion that people will warm up to Face ID the same way they did to Touch ID. That’s something only time will tell but the adaptability is likely to be slow because Face ID is available only on the iPhone X which is the most expensive iPhone model at present. The iPhone 8 doesn’t support it and neither do any of the older models. The selling point is that Face ID is very quick and very easy to use but it’s a bit too easy to use and that might discourage people from using it.