How To Disable Office Click-To-Run Service In Windows 10


The other day, I received an email from a reader asking if it is possible to prevent the Office Click-To-Run from automatically running in the background. In this guide, we will see what Office Click-To-Run is and how to disable it in Windows 10.

What is Office Click-To-Run?

Microsoft Office Click-To-Run is automatically installed along with the Office software. In fact, it is part of Microsoft Office suite. Click-To-Run is basically used to install and update the Office software. Though Windows does not support uninstalling the Click-To-Run, there is a workaround out there to prevent it from running.

NOTE: We do not recommend disabling the Office Click-To-Run as doing so might stop Microsoft Office from getting updates. This means that your Office installation will no longer be updated automatically. You will be left with an outdated Office software. Moreover, the Office Click-To-Run service does not take much system resources.

disable Microsoft Office click to Run service in Windows 10 pic3

Since there is no other way out there to disable the Office Click-To-Run, we need to disable its service via the Services window.

Prevent Office Click-To-Run from automatically running in Windows 10

Complete the given below directions to stop the Office Click To Run from automatically running by disabling it.

Step 1: Type Services.msc in the Start/taskbar search field and then hit the Enter key to open the Services window.

Step 2: Here, look for an entry called Microsoft Office Click-To-Run Service. Double-click on the entry to open its properties dialog.

disable Microsoft Office click to Run service in Windows 10 pic1

Step 3: Once the Properties dialog is open, change the Startup type from Automatic to Disabled. Click on the Apply button. Reboot your computer once. That is it!

disable Microsoft Office click to Run service in Windows 10 pic2

Office Click-To-Run service will not automatically start from now on. This also means that installed Microsoft Office suite/applications might not be updated automatically.

To restore the original setting, in the Step 3, change the Startup type to Automatic and then click Apply.

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