How to download Sky Go on PS4

Want to watch Sky on the PS4 but you’re not sure how? We’ve created a guide just for you

Games consoles have become far more than just devices to plug into your TV and play games; they are now fully-fledged entertainment systems. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, YouTube and other streaming services can be accessed through consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Sky Go is one premium streaming service that’s made its way onto Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, offering a streaming app that provides Sky customers with it’s extensive catalogue of movies, TV shows, and sports coverage.

So, if you’re here looking for a way to download Sky Go on your PS4, the reigning champion of the current generation of consoles, then this is the guide for you. We’ve broken down, step-by-step, what you’ll need to do to download the Sky Go app for the PS4.

Things to know before starting

Getting Sky Go initially started can be a bit finicky, so it’s worth laying out what you’ll need to know before downloading the app.

First off, if this is your first time ever accessing the Sky Go app on any device, then you can’t actually use your PS4 first. That’s because, before using the Sky Go app, you have to accept Sky’s terms and conditions, which the PS4 doesn’t allow you to do. It can only be done using a laptop, mobile phone or similar device, so you’ll need one of those to hand.

Next up, if you’re not actually a Sky TV customer with a subscription to one of its TV package deals, then you won’t be able to watch anything on the Sky Go app. This is because Sky Go is only for Sky customers and can’t be paid for separately. Even if you’re a Sky customer, you still won’t be able to watch its content on a PS4 unless you’re also paying for Sky Go Extra, which is an extension of Sky Go for an extra £5 a month, or free if you have a Sky Q package.

Finally, if you’re a Sky customer, you’ll have a Sky iD, which is basically the name of your account. To sign in to the Sky Go app, you’ll need to type in your Sky iD and the password for your Sky account. Make sure to have 250MB of free space on your PS4 – you can check this in the console’s settings – so you can download the app.

Sign up for sky

How to find and download Sky Go app for the PS4

Step 1. Sign in to the Playstation Network (PSN) and select the option called “TV & Video”. It looks like a TV inside of a square tile.

Step 2. From here, use the controller to navigate down and select the tile that has the Sky logo. It will be called “TV from Sky”.

Step 3. When it appears, click the option to “Download” and then press the PlayStation symbol on the centre of your controller. This will take you back to the home screen.

Step 4. Wait for the Sky Go app to download. You’ll receive a message when it has finished installing.

How to access and login to the Sky Go app

Step 1. Having installed the app, you can now open it by returning to the “TV & Video” section.

Step 2. Keep retracing your steps and press down until you see the tile with the Sky logo again. Select it and press ‘X’ on the controller and you’ll finally access the Sky Go app.

How to setup Sky Go on the PS4

Step 1. Once everything is loaded, you’ll be presented with the choice to “Sign in”. Select that to get things started.

Step 2. You’ll be asked to enter your Sky iD or username. Completing that, you can then press “Next Step”.

Step 3. Finally, enter your Sky iD password and press “Submit”. If everything’s gone correctly, you’ll be presented with a message confirming that you have successfully signed in.


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