How To Enable Or Disable Game Mode For Individual Games In Windows 10


The Creators Update for Windows 10 brought a whole host of new features. One of them is Game mode. Game mode basically helps you have the best gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC.

When you use the Game mode for a game, Windows 10 makes gaming the top priority to improve the game performance and quality. Windows 10 gives a boost to the game by giving less priority to background tasks and other apps.

You can turn on or off the Game mode and game bar by navigating to Settings > Gaming > Game mode. But you cannot find options to enable or disable the Game mode for individual apps. For instance, if you are playing a game which requires low system resources, you can disable the game mode for a specific game. Likewise, you can enable the Game mode only for games that are resource hungry.

Enable or disable Game mode for specific apps in Windows 10

In this guide, we will see how to enable or disable the Game mode for a specific game in Windows 10.

NOTE: You must be running Windows 10 version 1703 or later to enable and use the built-in Game mode. To check your version, type Winver.exe in Start/taskbar search and then press Enter key.

Step 1: Open the game or app for which you want to enable or disable the Game mode.

Step 2: Once the game/app is running, simultaneously press Windows logo and G keys to reveal the game bar. Note that Windows logo + G is the default keyboard shortcut to open the Game bar. If you have changed default keyboard shortcuts for the Game bar, please use that keyboard shortcut.

If you see a dialog with “Do you want to open the Game bar?” message, check the Yes, this is a game option to see the game bar.

NOTE: If the game bar doesn’t open, it’s likely because it’s turned off in Settings. Refer to our how to enable/disable the game bar in Windows 10 to enable it.

Step 3: Click on the settings/gear icon to open Game bar settings.

enable or disable Game mode for individual apps

Step 4: Under the General tab, check Use game mode for this game option to enable the Game mode the current app. Likewise, uncheck the option to disable the Game mode for the current game.

enable or disable Game mode for individual apps pic1

Simple as that!