How to get Amazon Prime Student and what it includes

Amazon makes itself cheaper for those who can prove they're students - find out more here.

Amazon Prime Student


Amazon has a sprawling set of benefits that it offers to its Prime subscribers, from free delivery to streaming shows and music and plenty more besides.

However, its price has been going up and for those who aren't in full-time work it can be a little expensive - which makes Amazon Prime Student a really excellent option. This makes Prime cheaper for those who can prove they're students in higher education. Find out all the key details right here.

How much does Amazon Prime Student cost?

Since the whole point of Amazon Prime Student is that it's a discounted version of Prime, you'll doubtless want to know how much it actually costs.

In the US, Prime Student costs $7.49 a month, or $69 annually, while in the UK it's £4.49 monthly or £47.49 a year.

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that this is exactly half the cost of a regular Prime membership, so it's a really sizeable discount.

How to get Amazon Prime Student

It's quite easy to work out if you're eligible for Amazon Prime Student - you just need to be over 18 and in full-time higher education. The last part is the trickiest to prove, obviously.

By default, you'll be able to sign up for Amazon Prime Student if you have a .edu email address in the US or a equivalent in the UK, along with a photo of your student card to go with it.

You can sign up in the US via this page on Amazon's website, while UK students can use this link instead.

What do you get in Amazon Prime Student?

Prime Student brings you all the same benefits as Amazon Prime, so you can rely on free and fast shipping on any packages you order for one.

You'll also get access to Prime Video and Prime Music, so that adds two chunky streaming libraries to the mix.

For those who occasionally need a pick-me-up on the food front, in the US you'll get a year's Grubhub+ while in the UK that's replaced by Deliveroo Plus.

Amazon Prime Student trial

In the US and UK, Prime Student has a really attractive trial offer that's hard to turn down, letting you use it for free for the first six months (for new members only).

That's the sort of deal you don't see very often, so it's worth grabbing it as it probably won't last forever.