How to Hide Sensitive Notification Content From Lock Screen on Android

When we receive any notification on our Android phone, it usually shows up on the lock screen. Sometimes when you receive a notification from any messaging app that may contain some personal or sensitive content, it might be stressful for you that someone may see it. So, to avoid this, Android offers a setting to hide sensitive notification content from the lock screen. You can even hide all the notifications from the lock screen. Let’s check out the steps for enabling this feature on your phone.

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Hide Sensitive Notification Content

You can enable this feature from the settings. You should note that the notifications will still appear, but the content will be hidden. Also, the respective apps will decide themselves what is a “sensitive” notification, so it may differ for different apps.

To hide sensitive content on your phone’s lock screen:

1. Go to the Settings on your phone and tap on Apps & Notifications.

2. Now, choose “Notifications” and scroll down to the “Lock Screen” section.

3. Here, first, tap on “Notifications on lock screen”.

4. If you want to hide all notifications, select the “Don’t show notifications” or “Show alerting notifications only” option.

5. For hiding only sensitive notifications, go to the next option and toggle off the switch next to “Sensitive notifications.

That’s it! Now, all the sensitive notifications will be hidden from your lock screen. Once again, you should know that this option doesn’t offer much control as it is completely up to the apps to decide the “Sensitive” content. It may work for some apps or may not work at all. So, we recommend using the first option and hide all notifications from the lock screen.

This way you can hide sensitive notification content from the lock screen on Android. For more Android tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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