How To Install 35 Best Ubuntu Themes At Once

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How to install 35 best Ubuntu themes at once. GitHUb script that will download themes for Ubuntu and install it automatically.

This script installs the latest GitHub versions of some fine GNOME themes into the current user’s .themes folder. Run the script again whenever you want to get the latest theme updates! Many of themes are constantly being updated with bugfixes and enhancements.

It supports GNOME versions 3.18 to 3.24, and will install the correct version according to your system. So if, for example, you upgrade from GNOME 3.18 to GNOME 3.20, you would want to run the script again. (GNOME 3.20 completely overhauled the theming system, so older themes are incompatible.)

All of these themes provide at least GTK+ theming (for both GTK+3 and GTK+2) and many also provide a shell theme. You are free to mix and match GTK+ themes with shell themes! Some themes also provide application theming (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) though you will have to install that separately. For Firefox, note that there is also a generic GNOME 3 theme that might improve its appearance for some themes, though your mileage will vary.

To change your theme, run the GNOME Tweak Tool and go to the Appearance tab.

To avoid rebuilding themes if there was no change, the script caches identifiers in the file .install-gnome-themes-cache in the current user’s .themes folder. Delete it to force rebuilding all themes.

Supported Themes

  1. Adapta
  2. Adwaita Tweaks
  3. Arc (Firefox themes: Arc, Arc Darker, Arc Dark)
  4. Arc-Flatabulous
  5. Arc-Red
  6. Blue-Face
  7. Breeze
  8. Candra (GNOME 3.20+ only)
  9. Ceti-2 (GNOME 3.18 only)
  10. Chrome-OS
  11. Ciliora-Secunda
  12. Ciliora-Tertia
  13. Cloak (GNOME 3.20+ only)
  14. DeLorean Dark (GNOME 3.18 only)
  15. EvoPop
  16. Flat-Plat
  17. Flatabulous (GNOME 3.18 only)
  18. Flattiance (GNOME 3.18 only)
  19. Fresh-Finesse
  20. Greybird
  21. macOS-Sierra
  22. Minwaita
  23. Numix
  24. OSX-Arc Collection
  25. Paper
  26. Plano (GNOME 3.20+ only)
  27. Pop
  28. Redmond-Themes
  29. United GNOME (GNOME 3.20+ only)
  30. Unity7
  31. Unity8
  32. Vertex
  33. Vimix
  34. Yosembiance (GNOME 3.18 only)
  35. Zuki

Install Themes

If you already have themes of the same names installed in your .themes folder, they will be deleted, so backup the folder first if you want to keep them. Other themes will not be touched.

Note that building the latest version of some themes is heavy work, and thus this script installs some big dependencies (for example, SASS is used to compile CSS and InkScape is used to render images). That’s the price of living on the cutting edge.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install git
git clone ~/install-gnome-themes

To update this script to the latest version:

sudo apt update
cd ~/install-gnome-themes
git pull

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