How To Install Komodo Edit 10 In Ubuntu Via PPA

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  • Jul 13, 2016


Brief: This quick tutorial shows you how to install Komodo Edit in Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint 18 via PPA.

When I last talked about the best code editors for Linux, I completely ignored Komodo Edit. Several readers suggested to include Komodo Edit in that list. It intrigued me to try out Komodo Edit on my own.

Komodo Edit is an open source code editor. It’s actually a less featured and free and open source part of the premium Komodo IDE. Unlike Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit doesn’t try to be an IDE but it focuses on code and text editing.

Komodo Edit features

Some of the main features of Komodo Edit are as following:

  • Multiple language support
  • Tracking changes
  • Markdown support
  • Auto complete
  • Toolbox
  • Project manager
  • Skins and icons

Install Komodo Edit 10 in Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint 18

To install Komodo Edit, we are going to use a PPA. The commands should also work for the earlier versions of Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Open a terminal and use the following commands, one by one:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mystic-mirage/komodo-edit
sudo apt update
sudo apt install komodo-edit

Alternatively, you can get the .deb executables from Komodo Edit website:

Download Komodo Edit

If you prefer videos, you can watch the installation video on our YouTube channel (please dos subscriber for more interesting Linux videos):

Once installed try to search for Komodo Edit in Unity Dash (if you are using Ubuntu Unity). In case you are using Ubuntu 16.04, you might not see Komodo Edit in Unity Dash immediately. You will have to log out and log in again in that case.

Komodo Edit in Ubuntu

This is what Komodo Edit looks like in Ubuntu 16.04:

Komodo Edit in Ubuntu 16.04

Honestly speaking, it is difficult to say which code editor is better, Atom or Light Table or some other editor. More or less they have similar features and performance (?). At the end, it is your preference that matters.

Uninstall Komodo Edit

If you installed Komodo Edit via PPA, you can use the commands below to uninstall it:

sudo apt remove komodo-edit
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:mystic-mirage/komodo-edit

I hope this quick tutorial helped you to install Komodo Edit in Ubuntu and Linux Mint. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment.

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