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How To Make a One Page Landscape In Word

Have you ever been putting together an essay or report and wanted to include a large image? Maybe a nice graph or chart? The answer is to put it on a page in landscape, or horizontal, layout. So you try that, but then all the pages go to landscape.

Here’s the fastest, easiest way to make one page landscape in Word.

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The Point & Click Way To Make One Page Landscape In Word

chart portrait
  • Select the image or text that we want to be on a landscape-oriented page.
select chart
  • Click on the Layout tab.
layout tab
  • Click on the down arrow under the Margins button.
  • Click on Custom Margins…
margins custom margins
  • In the middle of the Page Setup window, click on the Landscape button.
select landscape
  • At the bottom of the Page Setup window, in the Apply to: select box, change it to Selected Text. Click OK.
landscape selected

The selected image or text will now be on its own landscape-oriented page. Resize the chart for the best fit and we have a beautiful report.

chart landscape

As simple as that is, it can be done more quickly using keyboard shortcuts. Let’s go through how to use keyboard shortcuts to make the one-page landscape in Word.

The Fastest Way To Make One Page Landscape In Word

How much faster is this method? I timed myself using the point-and-click method and the shortcut keys-only method. Once I had practiced the shortcut keys a few times, it took less than 30 seconds, whereas the point-and-click method took closer to a minute.

Using shortcut keys to do your most frequent tasks not only saves time, but it can also save your health. Much peoples wrist pain from work is caused by using the mouse. The other added bonus is you’ll look like a superstar at work. You’ll be doing things in seconds when others take minutes.

Even though it may look like there’s more work, it’s just broken down to be very precise. A lot of people have never used shortcut keys in this way and we don’t want them getting frustrated and giving up because we missed anything.

  • Select the image or text that we want to be on a landscape-oriented page.
select chart 1
  • Press the Alt key then press P to take us from the Home tab to the Layout tab.
shortcut key landscape alt
  • Press the M key to open the Margins button dropdown.
shortcut key landscape alt m
  • Press the A key to choose the Custom Margins… and open the Page Setup window.
shortcut key landscape alt a
  • Press Alt + S to choose Landscape orientation.
shortcut key landscape alt s
  • Press Alt + Y to choose the Apply to: field, then tap the down arrow key once to choose Selected Text. Tap the Enter key once to set Selected Text as the choice, then tap Enter again to apply the setting.
shortcut key landscape alt y

The Page Setup window will close and the text or image will now be on a landscape layout page.

chart landscape 1

If you like how much faster the shortcut keys were, take a look at our other articles showing the magic of shortcut keys. You’ll wonder how you survived without these top 10 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10. If you wish there was a shortcut for something, you also might be able to create custom keyboard shortcut for it in Windows 10.

Got some great shortcuts to share? Or questions about other ways to do tough things in Office or Windows? Pop it in the comments below. We’re all here to learn.