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How to make custom iOS app icons that won’t open Shortcuts first


Those of you who use the Shortcuts app to create custom app icons on your iPhone will be glad to know there is a better solution that not only streamlines the process of making icons yourself but also doesn’t require or bounce through the Shortcuts app whatsoever.

When Apple introduced iOS 14 in September 2020, people around the globe began using both new and old features within the software to totally change the look of their iPhone home screen layout. Initially, there was no way to create custom app icons that would open without also opening Apple’s Shortcuts app, but Launch Center Pro has introduced a much-welcomed workaround.

Launch Center Pro now uses Apple’s Profiles system to install custom “web clip” profiles that directly link to the apps you want. That means you can make custom icons that work just like regular apps. You will still have to individually set up each app, and you still have to hide the original apps to your App Library. But the best part is your custom apps won’t jump through Shortcuts.

Launch Center Pro’s new app update allows it to directly link to any mobile app in the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, this workaround only works for third-party apps – any custom icons you make for Apple’s own apps will still launch the Shortcuts app first before opening.

If you want to get started using Launch Center Pro to customise your home screen, it has a helpful video tutorial that walks you through the process. You can import existing photos from your phone, including icon packs you’ve downloaded elsewhere, and there’s an icon composer that lets you make icons with preset backgrounds and glyphs. More icon composer features are coming, too.

Launch Center Pro is a free download on the iPhone, but its more premium features, including the option to add custom app icons to the home screen, require a $15 monthly (or lifetime) subscription to the app.

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