How To Move Notes From Your iPhone To iCloud

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The Notes app in iOS can save notes to your device, or to iCloud. When you create a note, you can decide where you save it. The notes on your iPhone don’t sync to iCloud. If you wipe your device, restore it, or anything like that, you will lose these notes. The notes in iCloud are safe. They are saved to iCloud and sync to your Mac and all other iOS devices you’re signed into. The Notes app also supports folders; you can create folders on your iPhone or in iCloud and sort your notes accordingly. You can also choose which notes appear on your lock screen. If you need to move notes from your iPhone to iCloud, there’s a pretty simple way to do that. There’s no copy/paste involved.

Open the Notes app. The home screen shows you how many notes you have saved to your iPhone and to iCloud. You can move notes from your iPhone to iCloud, and vice versa. The process is the same.

Move A Single Note

Tap ‘Notes’ on your iPhone to view all the notes on your device.

iphone notes app How To Move Notes From Your iPhone To iCloud

Find the note you want to move and swipe left. You will see two buttons; Move, and Delete. Tap ‘Move’. This will take you to the ‘Select a folder’ screen. You can move a note from your iPhone to iCloud or you can move it to a different folder on your iPhone.


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move notes iphone How To Move Notes From Your iPhone To iCloud

The ‘Select a Folder’ screen also lets you create a new folder. Again, you can create the new folder on your device or in iCloud.

Move Multiple Notes

To move multiple notes, tap the Edit button at the top. Select the notes you want to move and tap ‘Move to…’ at the bottom left. Select the folder you want to move the notes to. As with the previous method, you can move notes to a different folder on your device or just move it to iCloud.

You will see the same ‘Select a folder’ screen as you did when moving a single note. You can create a new folder or move the notes to an existing folder.

This goes without saying but you must be signed into iCloud for this to work. You can tap your profile in the Settings app to sign into iCloud, and then enable it for Notes. Alternatively, you can go to the Notes app preference in the Settings app and sign into iCloud there.