How to mute or turn off Sound in auto-playing Video on any website


If you often browse different websites, you might have noticed that some of them start playing a video as soon as you land on their page without waiting for any inputs from you. This can be quite irritating and annoying. We have already see how you can stop videos from playing automatically; but what if you want to only mute the sound but want the video to continue playing? In this post we will see how to mute the sound in any video which plays automatically when you open any website, including Facebook, using Chrome or Firefox browser.

Mute or turn off Sound in auto-playing Video

You can mute the sound in auto-playing videos in Chrome as well as Firefox browser using a browser extension. Let us take a look at them.

Google Chrome

The name of the extension is Silent Site Sound Blocker, and you can download it from the Chrome Web Store. If your sole intention is to turn off the sound on all websites then you need to simply download and install it – and you will be good to go.

turn off Sound in auto-playing Video

But apart from this function, it also offers other options:

  • Whitelist site: If you want to block all the websites except one or two, you can include those website names in this list.
  • Blacklist site: This is the exact opposite of the first option. In other words, you can block a particular site from playing the sound and allow rest of the sites.
  • At this time only: As it defines, you can allow particular site from playing audio for one time.
  • Mode: It lets you choose between Whitelist Site and Blacklist Site. It works like a profile.

If you use Google Chrome and want to download this extension, you can do it from here.

For Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox, you need to install the Mute sites by default extension. Like the Chrome extension, you do not need to do anything except installing it. The functionalities are simpler than Chrome extension, and it doesn’t come with any other option except one that allows users to whitelist any website.

How to mute automatic video playback on any website

You can download this Firefox add-on from here.

Hope these simple browser extensions help you turn off unwanted sounds.