How to personalize Bing Image and Video Feeds


Microsoft’s very own search engine Bing now allows its users to personalize their image and video feeds (results based on trending searches) depending on their interest and favorites. Hereafter, when Bing users visit the homepage and navigate to the images or video sections before searching something, they will see a newly designed “Feed” tab. Also, the process to personalize this Feed tab has been simplified further. Let’s see how to do it!

Personalize Bing Image & Video Feeds

Simply visit the ‘Bing’ homepage and choose ‘Images’ tab, visible in the upper-left hand corner and adjacent to ‘Web’ tab.

Next, hit the [+] icon to save image results of your choice. You can always get back to your ‘saves’ by clicking on “My Saves” in the header. The image will be instantly added to your ‘Favorites’ Feed. You can manage to keep this image and see it on any device by signing into your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Search Engine

Bing will begin to curate more images based on your personal preferences. If you would like to see everything you’ve saved, simply head to the ‘Saves’ tab at the top of the page.

Also, based on your interest, Bing will recommend other similar images to help you to discover things you’ll like. To find them, just check the bar at the top of the Bing Homepage. See the screenshot below.

Bing Image and Video Feeds

Once there, click on any ‘Idea’ for a special feed that you find relevant to your interest. The ideas are dynamic. As such, these will change every day. You can choose to follow any idea by simply checking the stat icon marked against ‘Follow this interest’ option.

Apart from the above, there’s ‘Interest Feeds’ integrated into the new Skype. You can find these by going to the “Find” panel of any chat, then tapping on the “Images” bubble.

Please note that availability of Bing on Skype and Skype add-ins varies by market.