How to Print a Text Message Conversation

iPhone text conversation printed out.

The easiest way to print text messages from iPhone and Android is to take screenshots of the conversation and print them. There are alternative methods that use third-party apps for both platforms, too.

While there are ways to back up text messages, sometimes a paper copy is needed. We’ll show you how to print out text message conversations from iPhone and Android, so you’ll have a physical copy for court or personal records.

How to Print Text Messages From iPhone

The easiest way to print text messages from an iPhone is to print screenshots of the conversation. Apple’s default “Photos” app conveniently has a “Print” option in the share menu. All you need is a Wi-Fi-connected printer.

First, take a screenshot on your iPhone of the text conversation from the Messages app. Do this by pressing and holding the Power + Volume Up keys, or Power + Home button.

iPhone image buttons.

Next, open the “Photos” app and locate the screenshots from the “Albums” tab. Use the “Select” button at the top right of the screen to select multiple screenshots.


Once they’re selected, tap the share icon (square with arrow pointing up) in the bottom left and select “Print” from the menu.

Select "Print."

Apple’s built-in printing options will appear. Tap “Printer” to select a printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network, adjust the printer preferences, and tap “Print” when everything is looking good.


Alternatively, you can download third-party software on your Windows or Mac PC to print a transcript of the text conversation. This is a little more involved of a process, but it results in a cleaner look. Read our full guide toprinting text messages from iPhone for instructions.

How to Print Text Messages From Android

The most straightforward method for printing text messages on Android is taking screenshots of the conversation. You can put those screenshots on a blank document and print to a Wi-Fi-connected printer.

First, open the text conversation and scroll to the part you’d like to print. To take screenshots on an Android device, press and hold both the Power + Volume Down buttons for a second.

Press the physical Power + Volume Down buttons until the screen flashes.

After you’ve taken the screenshots, add them screenshots to a blank document in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Insert image into Google Docs.

When you have the screenshots laid out, look for a share button in whichever app you choose to use. It may be in a menu accessed by a hamburger icon or three dots. Select “Print” from the sharing menu.


You’ll see the built-in Android printing dialog. You can print to a Wi-Fi-connected printer, or choose “Save as PDF” and transfer the PDF to a computer connected to a printer. Tap the printer icon or “PDF” button when you’re ready.

Tap print or

For a cleaner result, you can try using an app called “SMS Backup & Restore.” It creates a backup of your text messages, which you can then print out as a neat transcript. Read our full guide to printing text messages from Android for instructions.

Keep in mind that we are not lawyers, and if you need print-outs of text messages for legal purposes, you should contact an attorney for advice. Printing from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device is generally easy, just not for text messages, unfortunately.

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