How to Recover Files Deleted from the Cloud

Cloud drives nowadays became a must have “stick” solution. In time for sure it will fully replace USB stick’s, its all about the internet speed.

The construction of the clouds are basically the same, a folder which uploads your files on internet and has Link Share feature. Also there is a web page with more other features.

Almost on all cloud service web pages you could find the Deleted files and you can restore them. Below you’ll find how to do this on Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Mega.


Dropbox usually doesn’t remove completely your files, it just hides and archives them for 30 days in the free version so lately you can unhide and restore or delete permanently. There are two methods to unhide them and both are on their web page:

1’st Method – Trashcan button near the search bar

show hide deleted files

2’nd Method – Right click on empty space

show hide deleted files 2method

Now that you can see deleted files, make a right-click on desired one and choose between Restoring it, Deleting it permanently or Restore the previous version.

delete permanently or restore dropbox files


Microsoft does it in usual way, all deleted files are moved to Recycle bin. Find it on the web page’s navigation pane, in the bottom-left side.

onedrive recycle bin

Now that you are in the Recycle bin, select files you want to restore or delete then right-click and choose what you want to do with them. (or use the bar above)

restore files in onedrive

Google Drive

As Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive uses the usual “delete” method. So to see the files you once removed, just click the “Trash” button from the bottom-left side bar.

trash can in google drive

Now select one or more files (using CTRL key), then using the above bar or the right-click menu Restore them or Delete forever.

delete restore in google drive


Mega drive doesn’t differentiate itself from other 3 cloud services above. Find deleted files in the Rubbish Bin on their web page.

rubbish bin in mega drive

Unlike other cloud drives Mega doesn’t give you the opportunity to Restore files, you could whether Download them or Move to a folder from the Cloud. Select files you want to restore (using Ctrl key) and using the above bar or the right-click menu Move or Download them to the desired place.

move download in mega drive

That’s all! It’s not good that cloud services store your files even if you delete them but sometimes when you remove something by mistake this could save your data. And yes, if you want to remove data permanently just use above methods.

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