How to Remove Ban from WhatsApp Plus

Many WhatsApp Plus users already got a 24 hour ban, with the message that says: You are temporarily banned from WhatsApp for violating terms of service. Most users don’t have any idea why they got banned. It can happen that after 24 hours, your ban can extend for 72 hours. There is a solution how to use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned. A new updated version of the WhatsApp Plus has been released just a few days ago. WhatsApp Plus v6.76 that you can use without getting any notifications or warning, and it really works as we tested it.

What Features Does WhatsApp Plus Offer

  • WhatsApp Plus is Ad Free.
  • You can change the color of icon bar
  • Customize size of anything
  • Customize themes
  • Maximum upload size is increased to 30 Mb.
  • Status of the friend is shown in the chat screen.
  • You can  hide your profile picture.

How to Unban WhatsApp Plus

  • Download WhatsApp Plus v6.76 APK file to your Phone or PC.
  • Go to you WhatsApp Settings and select Backup Converstation.
  • Uninstall the current WhatsApp version.
  • Install WhatsApp Plus v6.76 APK you downloaded.
  • Open WhatsApp Plus and enter your phone number.
  • Restore your chat history by pressing “Restore” button.

It will take some time to restore. Enjoy your new WhatApp Plus. Hope this guide helped you to remove your ban from WhatsApp Plus.

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