How To Remove Highlights From New Tab In Firefox 57


Firefox 57 is being rolled out. Firefox 57 is not just another version with few bug fixes and improvements. Rather Firefox 57 is a whole new Firefox.

Firefox 57 offers faster page loading, responsive tabs, smoother scrolling, and modern interface.

In Firefox 57, the new tab page displays Highlights in addition to the familiar search box and top sites. The Highlights section displays most recently visited or bookmarked websites. The Highlights section is useful to know the websites that you visited most recently.

remove highlights from firefox new tab page pic1

All highlighted websites appear just below the top sites section as you can see in pictures. But if you would like to have a clean new tab page or don’t want to see recently visited websites on the new tab page, you might want to remove Highlights section from new tab page of Firefox 57 or later.

Like earlier versions of Firefox, Firefox 57 also offers plenty of options to customize the default look of the browser. You can easily remove either a single highlighted website or Highlights section from the new tab page. Here is how to do that.

To remove a specific website from Highlights section

Step 1: Move the mouse cursor over the website’s tile in the Highlights section to see three dots in a circle. Click the three dots icon and then click Dismiss option to remove the website from the Highlights section.

remove highlights from firefox new tab page pic4
If you would like to history of the website from Firefox, please click Delete from History to remove the URL from browsing history as well.

Remove Highlights section from Firefox 57 new tab page

Step 1: Open a new tab page in Firefox. Click the gear icon located top-right of the page to open New Tab Preferences.

remove highlights from firefox new tab page pic2

Step 2: Here, uncheck Highlights option to remove Highlights section from Firefox new tab page.

remove highlights from firefox new tab page pic3

As you can see, options are also present to remove the search box, top sites, and snippets from Firefox new tab page.

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