How to reset Printer to default factory settings in Windows 11/10

One of the easiest ways to resolve any Printer related issue is by resetting it. However, the problem is most users don’t know how to do the same. That is why, in this article, we are going to see how to reset Printer to default factory settings on a Windows computer.

reset Printer to default factory settings

Reset Printer to default factory settings in Windows 11/10

In this guide, we are going to see how to reset Printer to default factory settings. Following are the devices we will be talking about.

  1. Reset HP Printers
  2. Reset Canon Printers
  3. Reset Brother Printers
  4. Reset Lexmark Printers
  5. Reset Panasonic Printers
  6. Reset Epson Printers
  7. Reset OKI Printers

So, let’s get started.

1] Reset HP Printers

Let us start with one of the biggest brands in the electronic community. To reset HP Printers to default, you need to follow the prescribed steps.

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Disconnect it from the power source and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the Printer.
  4. Turn on the printer, at the same time press and hold the Resume/Cancel button for 10-20 seconds till the Attention light turn on.
  5. Now, release the Resume button and your Printer will be reset.

This was how you can reset HP Printers.

2] Reset Canon Printers

To reset Canon Printers to factory settings follow the given steps.

  1. Press the Setup/Menu button.
  2. Go to Device Settings.
  3. Select Reset setting > Reset all.
  4. Choose Yes.
  5. Press Ok.

Your printer will be reset. However, on some printers the Menu is absent. So, they have to press and hold the Stop button till they hear the alarm, usually for 10 seconds. However, on some Canon Printers, the option is different

Their device will reset.

3] Reset Brother Printers

To reset Brother Printers, follow the given steps.

  1. Remove printer’s lid.
  2. Press the Power button 7 times in a row.
  3. You will be able to see a Greenlight. That will indicate that your printer is reset.

Now, you can put the lid back to its place and hopefully, whatever problem that you are facing will be resolved.

However, if you are on HL series Printers of Brother then the procedure to reset the printer will be different. If you want to bring that printer to the factory setting, follow the prescribed steps.

  1. Go to the Initiate Setup and press Ok.
  2. Select Reset > Ok.
  3. Choose a reset option from the menu and press Ok.
  4. Confirm your actions by selecting Yes.

And you will be good to go.

4] Reset Lexmark Printers

To reset Lexmark Printers, these are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Select Settings and press OK from the home screen.
  2. Go to General Settings and then Factory Default.
  3. Finally, select Restore now and click Ok.

That’s how you reset Lexmark Printers.

5] Reset Panasonic Printers

To reset Panasonic Printers, follow these steps.

  1. From the panel, you have to press the Menu/Exit button.
  2. Keep on pressing Continue until NW Protocol Setup appears then press Enter to select the option
  3. Keep pressing Continue until you see the Factory Reset option then press Enter to select it.
  4. Select Yes and hit Enter.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

6] Reset Epson Printers

If you want to reset Epson Printers, you have to follow the given steps.

  1. Tap the Home button.
  2. Then, go to Setup > System Administration. You might need to enter your password.
  3. Navigate to Restore Default Settings.
  4. Select Clear All Data and Settings > Yes.

This will do the job for you. If you have Workforce Pro Printer, go to Settings > Restore default settings. Select Clear All Data and Settings and confirm your action.

7] Reset OKI Printers

To reset OKI Printers, we need to use the Printer Menu setup tool that comes with your printer. So, open the app and attach your printer, then click RESET ALL COUNTERS. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your printer. If you want to manually, reset the Printer, select MANUAL RESET > FACTORY DEFAULT. And you will be good to go.

This was a complete guide on how to reset Printers from all the major brands. We hope that it has helped you in resolving whatever error you are encountering.

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How do you reset all settings on Windows 11?

To reset all settings on a Windows 11 computer, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings by Win + I.
  2. Go to Windows Update > Advanced Options.
  3. Then, go to Recovery and click Reset PC from Reset this PC option.
  4. Select Keep my files.

Finally, follow the on-screen instruction to reset your Windows 11 PC. If you want to delete every file then select Remove everything.

How do I Reset my computer to factory settings Windows 10?

To Factory reset Windows 10, use the following steps.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Click Update & Security.
  3. Go to Recovery.
  4. From Reset this PC, click Get started.
  5. Select an option and get on with it.

That’s how you can factory reset Windows 10.

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