How To Reset The Mail App In Windows 10

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  • Jul 09, 2016


The Mail app is the default email client in Windows 10. The Mail app was first introduced with Windows 8 and has been improved dramatically in Windows 10. It supports not just Microsoft accounts but other webmail service accounts as well.

Reset Windows 10 mail app

If your Mail is not syncing your messages, not opened or showing an error, resetting the app might fix the issue.

Reinstalling the Mail app is the best way out there to clear the Mail app data and fix all its issues. But resetting the Mail app much easier than reinstalling it. Moreover, most of the issues can be resolved by resetting the Mail app. When you reset the Mail app in Windows 10 using this method, it will delete your sign-in details and all saved data by Mail on your device.

Resetting Windows 10’s Mail app

Complete the given below directions to reset the Mail app in Windows 10.

Important: The ability to reset Windows 10 apps is available in Windows 10 Anniversary or later builds. You must be running 14379 or later build of Windows 10 to reset apps. Type Winver.exe in Start menu search and then press Enter key to check your Windows 10 OS’s build number.

Step 1: Open Settings app. There are multiple ways to open Settings but the easiest way is to click on Settings icon in the left-side of the taskbar.

reset mail app in Windows 10 pic2

Step 2: When you see the Settings app, click System icon.

reset mail app in pic2

Step 3: Click Apps & features.

Step 4: Look for Mail and Calendar app entry and then click on the same to see Advanced options. Click Advanced options link.

reset mail app in Windows 10 pic3

Step 5: Click on the Reset button. When you see the confirmation dialog box, click Reset button again to clear all data and reset the Mail and Calendar app. Once the Reset is completed, you will see a check sign next to the Reset app.

reset mail app in Windows 10 pic4

reset mail app in Windows 10 pic5

Step 6: Launch the Mail app again, enter your email account credentials to sync your messages again.


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