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How to Show All Hidden Rows and Columns in Google Sheets


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In your large Google Sheets spreadsheets, it’s difficult to find the rows and columns that are hidden. Luckily, you can use a built-in Sheets feature to unhide all your hidden rows and columns at once. We’ll show you how to use this option.

This option basically makes you select all your rows or columns, and then you choose the unhide option to unhide all your rows or columns in your selection.

Show All Hidden Rows in Google Sheets at Once

To display all hidden rows in your spreadsheet, first, open your spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

In your spreadsheet, select all your rows containing data. To do this, beside the first row, click the number “1.” Then, scroll down until your dataset ends. Press and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and beside the last row, click the row number.

Select all applicable rows.

While all your rows are selected, right-click the number for any row and choose “Unhide Rows” from the menu.

Select "Unhide Rows" in the menu.

Google Sheets will immediately unhide all the hidden rows in your selection.

All hidden rows unhidden.

And you’re all set.

Unhide All Hidden Columns in Google Sheets at Once

To unhide your hidden columns, first, open your spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

Select all columns that have your data. To do this, first, click the letter for your first column (which, in most cases, is “A”).

Select the first column.

Scroll to the right and find the last column containing your data. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the letter for this last column.

You now have all your columns selected.

Select the last column.

To unhide the hidden columns in your selection, right-click the letter for any selected column and choose “Unhide Columns” from the menu.

Choose "Unhide Columns" in the menu.

And instantly, Google Sheets will display all your previously-hidden columns. You’re all done.

Later, you can easily hide your rows, columns, and even gridlines if you want.

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