How To Start Testing Microsoft Edge Preview on iOS


Microsoft announced the release Edge preview on both iOS and Android devices last week and it started rolling out on April 12. I don’t have an Android phone sitting around to test out the Android version but if you have an iPhone here is how you can start testing out the Edge preview on your device.

Before you get started, you first need to be the Windows insider and you need to install the latest Windows 10 Inside build.

Once you have the latest Windows 10 inside build updated, head over to this page, sign up with your name and Apple ID.

You will get an email from Microsoft in a day or two with a link that you can open in TestFlight, an Apple app for testing beta Apple apps.

Install the TestFlight from Apple store, and click the View in TestFlight link from your iPhone. And then click the Install button to install the Edge Preview app.

Now, you are all set. Open the app and start exploring.

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android brings familiar features like your Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View across your PC and phone, so, no matter the device, your browsing goes with you. You can open a web page on your iPhone in Edge browser, read along, then send it over to your PC to save it or read it later. To make this feature to work, you will need to add your iPhone on your Windows 10 computer from Settings > Phone.