How to take screenshots of a website remotely


Ever wanted to quickly take screenshots remotely? Or just wanted to take a screenshot of your website from some other computer for testing purpose. While we have reviewed numerous tools that let you capture a website screenshot. But these tools require you to download and install some program on your device – but how about capturing these screenshots remotely? There are a lot of free services available that can capture website screenshots for you. And we’ve tried to list out the best five here. You can use these services to take remote screenshots and capture any URL you want and you will be provided with an image output that you can use further on your website or other projects.

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Take screenshots remotely

1. Web-Capture

take screenshots remotely

Web-Capture is a free online website capturing service that was originally started as a fun project. But this service turned out pretty well and is now used by a lot of users to capture website screenshots. The service is very simple to use, you just need to enter the website address and hit the capture button. There are a lot of advertisements on the page so make sure you click the right button. The service is entirely free and runs on adverts and donations so please don’t mind the advertisements. The entire process is pretty fast and I did not have to face any queues or whatsoever.

The screenshot was available soon after I clicked the button. The screenshot displayed on the website is not a full-size screenshot, but you can view or download the full-size screenshot separately. You can also download full sized screenshot in a zip format. The full-size screenshot captures the entire website through its length and is preferred for longer blog posts and other pages. And an email service is also available that can notify you whenever your screenshot is ready to download. Click here to go to Web-Capture.

2. Snapito

take remote screenshots

Snapito is another quick website snapshot service that has a lot to offer. Rather than creating simple screenshots, it offers its users with some simple customizations. All you need to do is enter the URL, configure a few settings and you are ready to snap. The first customization available is the device width. You can select a width from a variety of presets available. By changing the width, you can take snapshots as if they were taken from a mobile device, an iPad, a computer or maybe an HD TV. The next option available is the length of the page, you can capture a full-length, medium or a short length screenshot. And then you can add delay up to 25 seconds. Adding delay can allow all the components to load properly.

The screenshots generated are of good quality and can be downloaded and shared easily. Click here to go to Snapito.


URL2PNG is a paid API that offers Screenshots as a Service. Although the plans are paid, but you can take screenshots from the URL2PNG website for free. There are no customizations available, only a full-length simple screenshot is allowed on the free website. But the screenshots quality is maintained high. Click here to go to URL2PNG.

4. Screenshot Machine

Screenshot Machine

Screenshot Machine is a free screenshot service that also comes with API access. So, you can fetch screenshots from your app using the API. You need to sign up to enjoy all the features. There is a free and a paid plan available as well. The free plan offers 100 fresh URLs monthly and full-length screenshots. Click here to go to Screenshot Machine.

5. Browsershots

Browsershots is a great service that was originally meant to check a website’s compatibility with different browsers on different operating systems. So, you can enter the URL and then select the browsers and operating systems you want to check your website on. Also, you can select the browser version number for more enhanced testing. The best part is, you can view and save the screenshots from all the browsers. You are allowed to make 170 requests in a day without signing up. Click here to go to Browsershots.

Do you know any other? Please tell us about it in the comments below.