How to Take screenshots on OnePlus phones using 3-finger swipe gesture

OnePlus’s Oxygen OS comes with many additional features. One of them is the ability to take screenshots using gestures. That is, you don’t need to press hardware buttons or navigate to any particular menu locations or pop-ups. Instead, you can capture a screenshot simply by swiping on your screen.

It is very handy if you’re using the phone while being placed on a flat surface. Whereas, if you have the phone in your hand then the Volume Down + Power button combination is easier to perform.

Enable the swipe for taking screenshot feature

The feature comes disabled out of the box. However, it is very easy to enable it and add convenience to your OnePlus experience. The steps below apply to all OnePlus smartphones, including the OnePlus Nord series as well as the main OnePlus series.

  1. Open Settings app on your OnePlus phone.
  2. Go to Buttons and Gestures > Quick Gestures.
    Buttons and Gestures setting in OnePlus
  3. Enable “Three-finger Screenshot“.
    Enable Three-Finger screenshot in OnePlus Gesture settings

Start taking screenshot with gestures

Now that you have enabled the feature, here’s how to take a screenshot.

Swipe anywhere on your screen using three fingers together. Be it from the bottom towards the top or from the top towards the bottom.

You don’t need to swipe all the way over your screen. Just swipe for a few centimeters and then lift your fingers. The feature works in any orientation. Be it portrait mode or be it landscape mode.

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