How to Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 11

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  • May 07, 2023

To disable Sticky Keys in Windows 11, press the Shift button five times, and the feature will get deactivated.

Sticky Keys offers a convenient way to use keyboard shortcuts on your Windows 11 PC, but it isn’t for everyone. If you you turned it on by accident and prefer the standard approach to shortcuts, it’s easy to turn off Sticky Keys on your Windows PC. Here are a few ways to do just that.

What Is Sticky Keys?

Sticky Keys is a Windows accessibility feature that makes using keyboard shortcuts easier. By default, when you press a keyboard shortcut, you need to press both or all the keys at the same time.

For example, if you want to open a file in an app, you’d normally press Windows+O at the same time. However, when you’ve enabled Sticky Keys, you can press Windows, release, and then press the O key; you don’t have to hold down the first key until the second key is pressed.

If you have difficulties pressing multiple keys simultaneously, using Sticky Keys is a good idea. With this feature, you can basically make your keys sticky so they’re stuck until the next key is pressed.

How to Disable Sticky Keys on Windows 11

To deactivate Sticky Keys and use your keyboard shortcuts as normal, you have a few different ways to do that. Each method is followed differently, but achieves the same result. Here are your options.

Using a Keyboard Shortcut

Just like in Windows 10, the easiest way to turn off Sticky Keys on your Windows 11 PC is to use the Shift button. Press the Shift key five times in a row, and Windows will turn off the Sticky Keys feature.


You won’t see a confirmation message on your screen, but rest assured the feature has been disabled. You can confirm that by pressing the Windows key. You’ll find that it opens the “Start” menu straightaway instead of waiting for you to press the next key.

Using Quick Settings

Quick Settings offers shortcuts to various handy features of your Windows PC, one of which is a shortcut for Sticky Keys. You can use this menu to turn the Sticky Keys feature on and off.

To use it, open Quick Settings by pressing Windows+A. Another way to open this menu is by clicking the Wi-Fi or battery icon in your system tray.


In the menu that opens, select “Accessibility.”


In the “Accessibility” menu, disable the “Sticky Keys” option.


And your feature is now turned off.

Using Settings

Windows’ Settings app also offers the option to enable and disable Sticky Keys.

To use it, open Settings by pressing Windows+i. In the left sidebar, click “Accessibility.” On the right pane, choose “Keyboard.”


On the “Keyboard” page, toggle off the “Sticky Keys” option.


Using Control Panel

Windows 11’s Control Panel also hosts the Sticky Keys option, allowing you to activate and deactivate the feature.

To use it, open Control Panel on your PC. One way to do this is by opening the “Start” menu, finding “Control Panel”, and selecting the item in the search results.

In Control Panel, select “Ease of Access.”


Choose “Change How Your Keyboard Works.”


Disable the “Turn On Sticky Keys” option. Then, at the bottom, select “Apply” followed by “OK.”


Sticky Keys is now disabled on your PC.

Using Registry Editor

If for some reason you can’t turn off Sticky Keys using any of the above methods, use this Registry Editor method that forces the feature to turn off. We only recommend using this method if you’ve tried above methods but to no avail.

To use this option, first, open a “Run” dialog box using Windows+R. Another way to open this box is by accessing the “Start” menu, searching for “Run”, and selecting the utility in the search results.

In the “Run” box, type the following and press Enter. Then, in the “User Account Control” prompt, select “Yes.” This will open Registry Editor.



In Registry Editor, select the address bar at the top and enter the following, then press Enter.

ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelAccessibilityStickyKeys

On the right pane, double-click the “Flags” entry.


In the “Edit String” box, click the “Value Data” field and enter “506”. Then, select “OK.”


Close Registry Editor and reboot your PC. Sticky Keys is now disabled on your computer.

And those are some of the ways to turn off Sticky Keys on your Windows 11-enabled PC. Enjoy!

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