How To Use Microsoft To-Do On Windows 7


It’s been close to a week since Microsoft released To-Do app for Windows 10, iPhone and Android. For the uninitiated, To-Do is a free task management app from Microsoft.

Microsoft To-Do app is being developed by the team behind Wunderlist which Microsoft acquired back in 2015. Since the team behind Wunderlist is developing To-Do, the interface bears a striking resemblance to Wunderlist app for Windows 10.

use Microsoft To Do on Windows 7

Ever since the release of Microsoft To-Do app, many PC users have reached out to us to know if Microsoft To-Do is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Can i install Microsoft To-Do on Windows 7?

Microsoft To-Do app is currently available for Windows 10, iPhone, and Android phones only. The app doesn’t support iPad, Mac, and Android tablets yet. As per Microsoft, an app for Mac, support for iPad and Android tablet support will be added soon.

Since Windows 7 doesn’t support these modern Store apps, Microsoft has to release a desktop version of To-Do if it wants to release To-Do desktop client for Windows 7. Since PC users running Windows 7 are slowly upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft might not release a version of To-Do for Windows 7.

Using Microsoft To-Do on Windows 7/8.1

That said, if you are on Windows 7, you can still use the web version of Microsoft To-Do. To use the web version on Windows 7 or any other version of Windows or operating system, simply visit Microsoft To-Do homepage, and sign in with your Microsoft account. The web version has all the features and options present in the app.

use Microsoft To Do on Windows 7 pic2

Like the app, the web version also supports importing Wunderlist and Todoist lists and tasks to Microsoft To-Do.

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The web version of Microsoft To-Do or any other service for that matter doesn’t give the same level experience of a dedicated app. Because of this, not all users like to use the web version.

If you don’t like to use the web version of Microsoft To-Do, we recommend you try Microsoft owned Wunderlist program to manage your tasks on Windows 7 for now. While Wunderlist is free, Microsoft will retire Wunderlist in a few months once all Wunderlist features are available on To-Do.

Though Wunderlist has removed Wunderlist executable for Windows 7 from its website, you can download the installer from other sources. As you likely know, Wunderlist is currently one of the popular task management services out there.