How To Use Outlook with G-Suite Account

Google and Microsoft’s main product does not directly compete against each other. That said, they do have products that are serving in the same market. Take Office, for example, Microsoft has dominated this arena. Google’s G Suite is taking market share in this arena. Increasingly more company are adopting G Suite instead of Microsoft’s Exchange or Office 365 as their email solution. As a result, all email can only be accessed through Google’s Gmail instead of a third party client, especially like Microsoft’s Outlook.

It is by design that Google G Suite is not suppose to work with Microsoft’s Outlook out of the box. You will not be able to successfully add a G Suite account in Microsoft Outlook. If you are a fan or Outlook or simply grow in the habit of using Outlook for your work email, and you happen to have a G Suite account. Google do offer a sync utility that would enable you to continue use Microsoft’s Outlook with G Suite email accounts. Go here download the G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

Once installed the sync, restart Microsoft Outlook via the prompt.

It will create a new Profile, so your previous Outlook settings will not be preserved.

Depends on the number of your email in your G Suite, the migration process might take a while.

Once the Migration is completed, you will be greeted with a prompt.

And you will receive a test email from G Suite Sync Team upon successfully synced your G Suite account with Outlook. Now you will able to use the same Microsoft Outlook to send G suite emails.

Not all features are supported, your Calendar will sync as a part of the sync but booking with meeting rooms and other integrations with your corporate settings might be lost. After all this is a workaround for those of you wish to continue use Microsoft Outlook with G Suite.


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