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Surface Pro or Surface Book battery not charging

  Surface devices, especially the Surface Book devices are pretty complex. The Surface Book’s display can be taken off to be used as a tablet whereas the Surface Pro is a tablet which gets an external keyboard (type cover) and a mouse attached to it. To…

Vrh 10 Back To School Techs

  That is right parents, it is our favorite time of year, “BACK TO SCHOOL.” The beginning of summer is all fun and games but by now it is time to give them back. What better way to celebrate this event than by giving those offspring

Instagram users are being mass hacked by a mysterious group

Online security is something more and more users should take seriously. despite the addition of tools like two-factor authentication, users still find themselves falling victim to sophisticated hacks and phishing. As per a report by Mashable, hundreds of Instagram users have found themselves hacked by mysterious

Google Home Speakers Now Support Pandora Premium

  Google has this week announced the arrival of new streaming music and audio services services to its range of Google Home speakers. You can now request that your Google Assistant on Google Home, Mini and Max to play your favourite songs via the Pandora Premium

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