The “Halo 5” debut for Windows 10 to PC will have 4K support and free online multiplayer options

Microsoft hasn’t yet given a specific release date for the Windows 10 PC version of “Halo 5”, contenting itself only with saying that the game is coming “this year” but the other details about the upcoming release are interesting indeed.

Microsoft and their “Halo” development team 343 Industries have unveiled details about the new “Forge–Halo 5: Guardians Edition” game that will come to Windows 10 later in the year.

What Microsoft reps have confirmed in recent words with the site Ars Technica, is that the free Windows 10 game is going to allow open-ended online play with anyone on a given players friend’s list even if there won’t be options for single player mode or multiplayer matchmaking against random online opponents. Tako, the friends list multiplayer option that will be included should allow players to create or download a Forge map and then incite groups of others who also have the Halo 5 Windows 10 version to join in their specific map and play to whatever particular settings for kill counts, time limits and other parameters they’ve set. This multiplayer mode will also support mouse and keyboard game control according to Microsoft.


Drugim riječima, just like the Forge modes in previous versions of Halo, the multiplayer option in the Windows 10 PC version of Halo 5 will allow users to design custom maps loaded with content and bound by specific customized player rules. And according to 343 Industries, the PC version of this Forge capacity for Halo 5 will be easier to use than the Xbox version due to the mouse and keyboard support being better for map control than the Xbox controller.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have also confirmed that the Halo 5 PC edition will support resolutions of up to 4K, for you owners of 4K monitors and PCs with 4K-capable GPUs The new Halo version will also come with Microsoft DirectX 12 technology, which could mean the kind of silky smooth performance we’ve heard of in the recent release of Forza 6 Apex for Windows 10, also with 4K graphics support.

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