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How to Build NGINX from source on Ubuntu 18.04 TO JE

  NGINX (pronounced "engine x") is an open source web server software designed with high concurrency in mind, that can be used as HTTP/HTTPS server, reverse proxy server, mail proxy server, software load balancer, TLS terminator, caching server... It is an extremely modular piece of software.

How to secure your LEMP stack

    LEMP, it stands for Linux, (EngineX) NGINX, MariaDB (or MySQL) and PHP. Due to its flexibility and simplicity, NGINX slowly takes over the Internet. U ovom vodiču, we will attempt, through examples of bad and good practices, to go through the steps of properly

How to Enable HTTP/2 in Nginx on Ubuntu and CentOS

  HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP network protocol and it focuses on performance improvements. Its goal is to reduce the latency as well as to make the web applications faster by allowing multiple concurrent requests between the web browser and the server across

How to Speed up and Optimize WordPress on a Linux VPS

Doesn’t matter if you are running a small blog or a high-traffic website based on WordPress, optimizing your WordPress should be one of your top priorities. Page speed is so important today that even Google’s ranking algorithm has been adapted to this. povrh toga, a slow site

Kako instalirati Redmine 3 s Nginx na CentOS 7

Kako instalirati Redmine 3 s Nginx na CentOS 7 Redmine is an open source web application for project management and issue tracker. Redmine is based on the Ruby on Rails Framework, it has cross-platform and cross-database support and ships with translations for 42 languages. The

How To Set Up Nginx Load Balancing

  Load balancing is a very useful technique to distribute the incoming network traffic across a number servers. With this technique you can reduce the resource usage, lower the response time and avoid server overload. U ovom vodiču, we will guide you through the steps of

Install Gollum Wiki on Ubuntu

U ovom vodiču, we will explain how to install Gollum Wiki on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with Puma and Nginx. Gollum is a simple open source wiki system built on top of Git. A Gollum Wiki is a git repository with pages organized into directories any

Instalacija GitBucket na Ubuntu 16.04

U ovom članku, we will explain how to install GitBucket on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with Nginx as a reverse proxy. GitBucket is a Git platform powered by Scala with Github API compatibility. Some of the main features include public and private Git repositories, plug-in system,

Install Wagtail on CentOS 7

In this blog post we will show you how to install Wagtail on a Centos VPS with Nginx and uWSGI. Wagtail is open source flexible Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well

Rate Limiting with nginx

  This article explains how to use the nginx HttpLimitReqModule to limit the number of requests for a given session. To je korisno, na primjer, if your site is hammered by a bot doing multiple requests per second and thus increasing your server load. With the

How to cache static files on nginx

  This tutorial explains how you can configure nginx to set the Expires HTTP header and the max-age directive of the Cache-Control HTTP header of static files (such as images, CSS and Javascript files) to a date in the future so that these files will be

Install Paperwork on Ubuntu

U ovom članku, we will explain how to install Paperwork on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS s MariaDB, PHP-FPM i Nginx. Paperwork is an open-source, self-hosted alternative to services like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote or Google Keep and it is built on top of Laravel 4.2. This guide