Što je s ogromnim Kalkulator u sustavu Windows 10, Microsoft?

Microsoft launched the listopad 2018 značajka ažuriranja za Windows 10 listopada 2, 2018 but restricted it to manual upgrades to the new version.

Korisnici i administratori koji je nadograditi na novu verziju već, pročitajte zašto ste svibanj želite čekati s tim, may have noticed a number of changes that Microsoft implemented.

Those who use the Calculator regularly may have been shocked by the giant size of the Calculator in the new version of Windows 10.

The calculator takes up most of the screen when launched initially. The screenshot below shows it right after launch on a 1920x1080 monitor on a PC running Windows 10 verzija 1809.

giant calculator windows 10

While the size may work in some situations, when you only open the calculator and nothing else or have a touch device and a small screen, it does not work well in most scenarios.

If you like to display the calculator next to another program, say an Excel spreadsheet, a shopping site, or a Word document, you will realize that this may not work with the default interface size.

Microsoft has not made the same mistake that it made when it released the Windows 8 operating system though. The operating system lacked options to resize application windows when it was launched which meant that you were stuck with a particular window size or even fullscreen apps.

Windows 10 users who dislike the giant size of the Calculator interface can resize it quite easily. Just move the mouse cursor over one of the window edges and use a drag motion to resize it.

If you resize the interface enough, you'll notice that the Memory and History sidebar is hidden from the interface and replaced with an icon that you may activate to display the history.

calculator standard size

The Calculator remembers the new window size, zahvaljujući, so that it is loaded with the new dimensions whenever you start it on the system.

Zatvaranje riječi

It is unclear why Microsoft made the decision to inflate the screen of the Calculator app in the new version of Windows 10. Other apps have not received the same treatment in the new version of Windows 10.

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