Author: Martin király

Soulcalibur VI launches on Xbox One and PC

Many months ago at The Game Awards 2017, Bandai Namco revealed Soulcalibur VI. Fans have been waiting for the return of this legendary fighting franchise for a while now, so here's hoping this latest entry doesn't disappoint. Soulcalibur is known for its guest characters. Last time

Palm Most lesz egy apró Companion Phone

A Palm márka visszatért. Egy új, 3.3-inch Palm társa telefon jön a Verizon az Egyesült Államokban novemberben. Palm új Companion telefon állítólag együtt haladjon a fő okostelefon. A lényeg, hogy az eszközt ... uh, homályos. Palm hirdet a…

Surface Pro 6 Felülvizsgálat

A Microsoft egy a Surface Pro 6 ezen a héten, és ha kíváncsi, hogyan halmozódik az előző generációs, el tudja olvasni az én teljes írási-up alatt vagy nézze meg a videót. Surface Pro 6 Review - Teljes Write-up.     Forrás

A Windows Admin Center 1809 Eléri általános elérhetőség

  Just before Microsoft’s Ignite conference got started this week, változat 1809 of the Windows Admin Center and SDK reached general availability. Ebben Kérdezze a kezelői, I’ll look at some of the new features. This week’s Ignite conference will see lots of announcements from Microsoft.

Patch Kedd szeptember 2018

  Microsoft patches 62 réseket, 17 of which are rated Critical. Including a patch for the zero-day ALPC vulnerability that was publicly disclosed on Twitter at the end of August. This month Microsoft patches five critical vulnerabilities for all versions of Windows 10 és a Windows Server…

Mi a Windows Defender Application Control?

  If you are not familiar with Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), let me fill you in. Not to be confused with Windows Defender Application Guard, a containerization solution for Microsoft Edge that uses Hyper-V to isolate browser sessions, WDAC is one part of Windows Device

Hogyan Stop a Windows 10 Updating Device Drivers

  Not everybody is happy about the way Microsoft pushes out updates to Windows 10. What with the biannual feature updates, which bring a new major version of Windows, and monthly quality updates, some people feel that Microsoft is taking away control from users. And if

How To Defer Windows 10 Feature frissítések

  Microsoft provides two types of updates for Windows 10. Quality updates come at least once a month and provide bug fixes and security patches. Feature updates are released biannually and are a major new version of the operating system. Biannual feature updates are released on

Microsoft Edge - Performance vs. Elem élettartam

  Despite Microsoft’s claim that its Edge browser in Windows 10 is faster than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, putting Edge through its paces in several different benchmark tests shows that it is slower in those that simulate real-world usage. Chrome and Firefox are more mature

Felszíni Go vs. Felület 3 (videó)

Kiadását követő múlt héten, Surface Go has received plenty of praise as a worthy budget addition to Microsoft's Surface lineup. But it's not the first low-priced Surface on the block; that title would go to 2015's Surface 3. So how do they compare? Whether you're