Best Of The Web For Windows Users – 21- 27 June 2015

It’s been another busy week for Microsoft. The company announced a new mission statement, released a new Windows 10 Mobile build and revealed that HoloLens will go to space! Read about all these and more in this week’s recap:

A legjobb technikai hírek

These articles are this week’s most important news in Microsoft’s ecosystem:

Microsoft’s new mission statement revealed in email, will ‘make some tough choices’ – After last week’s changes in Microsoft’s internal structure and executive ranks, the company’s CEO announced a new mission statement that will guide their actions and also gave some hints to all the employees regarding what must be changed inside the company. You can read Satya Nadella’s email to his people in this article.

A Microsoft kiadta a Windows 10 Mobile build 10149 rendszert – The new build of Windows 10 Mobile, build 10149 is out now for the Fast Ring users in the Insider program. The build solves some previous bugs, but it’s still not fully usable. If you want to give it a try, read the article to learn more and download it via the phone’s update menu.

A Microsoft júniusban elküldi a hololenseket a Nemzetközi Űrállomásnak – Hololens goes to the ISS, in an effort of Microsoft to help NASA astronauts to better collaborate while working on the Station. This is quite an interesting endeavour and we’re really curious to see how it’ll work out.

Windows 10’s new desktop wallpaper is made out of light – In the spirit of their traditional wallpapers for each new operating system, Microsoft has shed some light over the official Windows 10 wallpaper. Apparently, they invested quite some time and effort in creating it. Read the full article to learn more about the official wallpaper of the 29th of July!

The Latest Picture of the Threat Landscape in the European Union – part 1 – Tim Rains, Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft’s Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection group, has recently visited some customers in Europe and wrote a very interesting article that shows the evolution of malware threats throughout the EU. Quite an interesting read, especially for those of you interested in cybersecurity.

Az Xbox Live Gold tagjai még többet kapnak két új játékkal minden hónapban az Xbox One-on – Great news for Xbox Live Gold Members, as Microsoft announced that every gold member will get two free Xbox One games and two free Xbox 360 games each month. Read the full article to learn how to get the free games.

A Windows szolgáltatásként a Microsoft módosítja a Windows 10 bevételének jelentését – Microsoft is moving to Windows as a service with the launch of Windows 10, and this brings some changes in how the company will report its revenue. An official presentation sheds some light over what these changes mean, and you can find it in the full article.

A legjobb technikai tippek és útmutatók

Szeretnénk több tippet és útmutatást megosztani a tech blogosphere más webhelyein:

Hogyan készítsünk asztali parancsikonokat a Windows 10 bizonyos beállításaira? – The folks over at Windows Central have put together a very useful article on how to create Windows 10 Desktop shortcuts for various settings that you might need on a regular basis. We definitely recommend reading the article. Actually, we consider it one of those könyvjelzővel kell rendelkeznie cikkek :).

A Windows App beállításainak biztonsági mentése a Windows 10 rendszerre történő frissítés előtt – GuidingTech published a neat article sharing how to back up Windows app settings before you make the switch to Windows 10. Just in time for the release!

Tudja meg, hogy ingyenes frissítést biztosít a Windows 10-ra ez a folyamatábra segítségével – If you’re still confused whether or not you’ll get a free and legal upgrade to Windows 10, Lifehacker has the right flowchart to explain everything. Give it a glimpse!

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