How to disable about:flags page in Microsoft Edge web browser

Edge browser includes a hidden about:flags configuration page that lets you tweak the browser’s settings. As an administrator in your organization, you might want to prevent this from happening. The hidden flags allow users to enable or change experimental settings anytime and enable experimental features.

Tyranny review

Tyranny is a Dungeons and Dragons game where the top half of the alignment page has been ripped out and burned. It's a fantasy world where being nice to someone will result in bewilderment from the affected party and scorn from your own. It's an RPG

Review: EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop

We'd started to lose count of how many gaming laptops we reviewed in the first half of 2016 only to conclude that a next-gen GPU was needed in order to entice PC gamers into making an investment. Fast forward to today and Nvidia's GTX 10-series range

Set up a Firewall with UFW on Ubuntu

If you have an Ubuntu server and you like to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic you need to configure the firewall that is included with your system. Linux kernel includes the netfilter subsystem which is a system for packet filtering. The traditional interface for

Here come new Surface Book and Surface Dial: Get ready to buy it

The all new Microsoft Surface is now available to order, announced Microsoft. Múlt hónap, alongside the introduction of Surface Studio and Surface Dial, Microsoft also upgraded its hugely popular and flagship laptop model, the Surface Book. Although the existing configuration of the earlier Surface laptops

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