How to play FLAC files on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

You'll soon be able to play FLAC files on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11!

If you're an audiophile who likes to keep your music in FLAC format, it appears you'll be able to play those files on your iPhone or iPad when iOS 11 drops in the fall, thanks to the new Files app and a QuickTime-like player embedded within it.

Apple's Files app is designed to host all your files from different services — like iCloud Drive and Dropbox — in one central location. In order to play your FLAC files, you'll need to save them to one of those services, then open the audio clip in the Files app.

Apple alkalmanként kínál aktualitásokról iOS, watchOS, tvOS, és Mac operációs rendszer zárt fejlesztő előzetesek nyilvános béták iPhone, iPad, and Mac. (Sadly, no public betas for the Apple Watch or tvOS.) While the betas contain new features, ők is tartalmaz pre-release hibákat, melyek megakadályozzák a normál használat iPhone, iPad, Apple óra, Apple TV, vagy Mac, és nem mindennapi használatra szánt elsődleges eszköz. Ezért azt javasoljuk, távol tartózkodó fejlesztő előnézetet, ha nem kell őket szoftverfejlesztés, és a nyilvános béták óvatosan. Ha függ az eszközök, várni a végleges kiadás.

How to play FLAC files on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

  1. AirDrop the FLAC file to any device running iOS 11.
  2. Koppintson a Save to iCloud Drive.

    Note: Though the top entry in AirDrop's menu, Open with... Files, looks tempting, it doesn't actually let you play media files; you have to first save it to a service like iCloud Drive.

  3. érintse meg a FLAC file to open your track.

Your FLAC audio should begin playing automatically, and you'll be able to access it from the Files app in the future.

To be fair, this isn't true integration with iOS — it's still a pretty roundabout way of playing FLAC files on your iPhone or iPad, and there's no real way to create playlists or import them to the Music app. Hogy az említett, iOS 11 is still in its earliest developer beta; anything's possible by the time it hits a public release in the Fall.

What do you think?

Will Apple gear up for full FLAC support or is this just a small feature inside the new Files app? Let us know what you think (or what you hope) in the comments below!


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