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4 Hogyan végezhet Xfce meg a modern és szép

Xfce is a great lightweight desktop environment with one drawback. It looks sort of old. But you don’t have to stick with the default looks. Let’s see various ways you can customize Xfce to give it a modern and beautiful look. Kezdeni, Xfce is

5 Major Improvements Coming in Nautilus 3.30

Files — the most famous FOSS file manager? A number of major improvements are headed to Nautilus, aka Files, aka the file manager at the heart of the GNOME desktop environment. Nautilus 3.30 will feature a redesigned path bar, new toolbar options, and improve support when

The Ubuntu ‘Communitheme’ Has Been Given a New Name

The new Ubuntu theme has been given brand new name Canonical has chosen the Japanese word “Yaru” as a replacement moniker for the (admittedly rather awkwardly-named) “Communitheme”. Canonical has chosen the Japanese word “Yaru” as a replacement for the “Communitheme” name Naming aside the actual GTK

Hogyan testreszabása billentyűkódjaival Gnome Shell

Hozzáférés a listát a rendszer billentyűkódjaival Gnome Shell nagyon egyszerű, mint sok más asztali környezetekben. Listájának megtekintéséhez a billentyűkódjaival Gnome Shell, Nyomja meg a Windows gombot a billentyűzeten, hogy nyissa meg a keresés menü. Keresésben, típus „billentyűzet…

A remek Dozen: 12 hűvös jellegét Ubuntu MATE

Be kell vallanom, Nem voltam túl elégedett a tapasztalatom Ubuntu MATE 18.04 eddig. értem, minden rendben volt, és minden,, de túl sok volt a hiba, Túl sok problémát, és még egy pár alkalmazás összeomlik, amelyek a nagy nem-nem…

Things to do telepítése után Ubuntu 18.04

Röviden: Ez a lista a dolgom után Ubuntu 18.04 segít elindulni a Bionic Beaver simább asztali élmény. Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver közlemény ma. You are perhaps already aware of the new features in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release. Ha nem, here’s

Enable ‘Shell theme’ in Gnome Tweak Tool in Ubuntu

This quick tutorial is going to show Gnome Desktop beginners how to enable the ‘Shell theme’ drop-down box in the Gnome Tweak Tool. A Gnome Shell theme changes shell buttons, színek, panelek, stb.. The setting is disabled by default in Gnome Tweak Tool, and you’ll see

Install Reddit Gnome App ‘Something for Reddit’ in Ubuntu

Something for Reddit is an open-source Reddit client for GNOME, built for touch, mouse and VIM keyboards. The simple desktop app features dark and light theme, built-in browser and: Touchscreen tested interface VIM style keybindings View subreddits, comments and user pages Vote on comments and links,

Install Papirus Icon Theme On Ubuntu 16.04

How to install Papirus Icon Theme on Ubuntu 16.04. Papirus Icon is derived from Sam Hewitt’s Paper Icon Theme. The icon theme is designed to work with Unity, GNOME, Cinnamon and other GTK+ based desktop environments. A version for KDE users is also available. Telepíteni…

Ping Indicator: A GNOME Shell Extension

If you want a simple realtime indicator showing ping result on your top panel in GNOME, then Ping Indicator (by trifonovkv) is exactly the Shell extension for you. It's really simple, just always show you a realtime value of a ping command to a specific destination.

Audio Tag Editing Features Head to GNOME Music

GNOME Music is a capable music player for the GNOME desktop, but it lacks many of the features that make rival apps like Rhythmbox and Clementine so popular. I might be old school but I still to use a desktop media player to play local media

Harapós a Windows GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME 3 egy nagy asztali környezet mindenki számára. For those like window snapping or tiling, probably the default behavior (side-by-side) of GNOME Shell is not satisfying. szerencsére, there are two extension to do window snapping/tiling more in GNOME. You may do tiling for more than

How To Install GNOME Shell Extension

This article introduces how to install GNOME Shell Extension whether it is automatically via Extensions Repository or by GNOME Tweak Tool. Both way are suitable for beginners. Here we use GNOME Shell 3.14 in Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 Xenial Xerus as the example. What is GNOME Shell

Korora 23 Gnome - Fedora on steroids

Frissítve: június 3, 2016 One of my dreams is to have a Fedora-like operating system with three to five years of support, plus all the goodies out of the box. Igen, CentOS comes close, but then there is a tiny penalty when it comes to running

How to Install an OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 KDE asztali

How to Install an OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 KDE Desktop What is OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 ? OpenSUSE Leap is a new type and a new version of OpenSUSE. It is a hybrid Linux distribution that uses the source code of SUSE Linux Enterprise(SLE) to provide a higher

Introducing GNOME Software

GNOME Software is a new software center ('add/remove programs' application) for any GNU/Linux system using GNOME desktop environment. Most, there are just a few third-party reviews about GNOME Software. This article is a general beginner guide about how to use GNOME Software. Ezért…

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